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Affordable, High Quality and Quick Delivery Handpans

Is anyone trying to make Handpans more accessible? 

We want handpans to be available and accessible to everybody. Other makers, even NovaPans, started off as customers themselves, looking for their own handpan to buy and play. After the disappointment in finding out about the extortionate prices, excessive waiting times, waiting lists, and ultimately, the whole secrecy and borderline cult-mentality which surrounded getting a handpan, NovaPans decided to just simply make their own. We realised that the 8000+ people globally which wanted a Handpan didn't want to buy it to hide it, or keep it for themselves; they just wanted to play a beautiful instrument which they could share with anyone, and quite literally thanks to the Handpan's low learning curve. NovaPans began by selling its handpans for $1000, teaching people how to play their handpans and offering discounts on second and third purchases, and even referrals to their friends. We created a community of people which actually felt welcome and not dissuaded by the original ethos which submerged the world of Handpans. After 18 months, 300 sales, 52 5*star reviews on one site ( and many more happy customers, NovaPans prides itself as the most affordable Handpan maker on the market, with the highest level of customer service, the fastest turnaround rate (from 1-3 weeks) and the best accessibility to learning to the Handpan. 

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Why are Handans so expensive to buy?
Why is the Handpan so popular?
Where was the Handpan invented?
What is a handpan?
Is anyone trying to mak Handpans more accessible?
How much should I pay for a Handpan?
Where can I buy a Handpan?

Hello Everybody! Welcome to NovaPans! If we’re not busy playing musical instruments, we’re usually passionately busy making them!


I fell in love when I first came across the original Hang Drum online during my exam revision for College back in 2014. I immediately wished I had one, not just to escape the exams but all sorts of other stress. I found that by just listening to the Hang I was always able to cleanse my mind thanks to its beautiful overtones and resonate notes. And then I tried to buy one. Well, I was shocked...

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