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Which handpan should I get!?

There's no better advice in purchasing your first, or even second handpan! than choosing one which best fits your ear. What that means is, you shouldn't necessarily be choosing your handpan based on its scale name, its size, or sometimes its price, but rather, you should pick one which sounds most appealing to you when it is played or after you've tried it on our online player here.


There are hundreds of handpans now, each of them with their very unique sound and versatility. If there's a handpan which you've heard before but you can't find here then please let us know! We may just be able to make it for you! 

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Hello Everybody! Welcome to NovaPans! If we’re not busy playing musical instruments, we’re usually passionately busy making them!


I fell in love when I first came across the original Hang Drum online during my exam revision for College back in 2014. I immediately wished I had one, not just to escape the exams but all sorts of other stress. I found that by just listening to the Hang I was always able to cleanse my mind thanks to its beautiful overtones and resonate notes. And then I tried to buy one. Well, I was shocked...